This part of the site will showcase videos featuring G scale layouts to be found in Europe.

A short video of a Steam-Up in July 2016, at the Deltatrains Yard.
An update on progress made over the past year on the German layout featured in the video below.

The hand-made Harz cars are especially good.

 In this lengthy video we look at some of the fine details incorporated into this this very impressive railroad layout which is being featured in the German magazine called GARTENBAHN PROFI It begins with a quiet overhead view of the line and then homes in on the many detailed features incorporated into the layout.

Ardèche in Miniature 28-5-2011 : PART ONE

 This unusual layout appears to be situated in a public park with limited access for Open Days which are clearly appreciated by the locals as well as fans of model railroading alike. Not only a lovely representation of the scenery of the the Ardèche, France but with live steam and electric locomotives including a Type Ge 4/6 produced by KISS..

Well done to all concerned.

This is the second part of this Open Day in the  Ardèche and seems to have attracted some local sheep as well as sundry birds.

Not a garden layout and not even in G Scale but the world's largest model railway deserved a place in this section. 

This official video about “Miniatur Wunderland “ in Hamburg, reputed to be the largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany. On the 1.300 m² large layout, far more than a thousand trains, aircraft, cars and ships move about even when night descends every 15 minutes.  A wonder of the world in miniature and constantly being enlarged and updated by a large staff . Please, find out more information at: As someone said when they saw it for the first time "another one for the bucket list".