For those of you who like to model the North American scene PIKO America gives you a great view of the newest products from PIKO...

 In this February 2018 G-Scale New Item Video from PIKO America, Jonathan shows some great new items for your indoor or outdoor layout. The video starts with an amazing and colourful Santa Fe "Travel the Chief Way" Reefer Car produced in a way no other G-Scale manufacturer can do. The second new item is a Phillips 66 Tank Car using the retro, or nostalgic, black and white "Route 66" style logo. This comes on a colorful car with realistic black nickel-plated handrails. Item three is a pair of D&RGW (Denver & Rio Grande) Flatcars. These flatcars come in a 2-pack with removable stakes and are very useful in pairing with a #38749 D&RGW Pipe Gondola. The final item for their February 2018 production, is Piko's first ever 2-6-0 Saddletank Locomotive. This Union Pacific paint scheme is useful for both passenger and freight service and comes with fantastic digital sound (by Soundtraxx) that is full-featured in DC and DCC, as well as working smoke.


LGB have also released a leaflet detailing their planned 2018 product introductions in the form of a downloadable pdf. Just go to the following website

Piko G Gauge New Items for 2018 leaflet set to music. The Re-railer looks useful but rather expensive. On the other hand the GE-45 "Clean Machine" Track Cleaning locomotive could make track maintenance less of a chore. 

Latest News:  It would seem that Polks Generation Next may have also ceased trading and their website appears to have closed down. There were unsubstantiated rumours that Kader, their Chinese manufacturer, had “pulled the plug” and a formal statement from Scott Polk is awaited. Kader, who became the world’s largest model train manufacturer when they acquired commercial rival Sanda Kan in 2008, also own Bachmann Industries giving rise to some speculation that they might take over future distribution but we will just have to wait and see.

This video will give you a quick look at the new items already at  PIKO's America retailers (and should be available in the UK soon after.)

We start with the B&O "Sentinel" boxcar, a D&RGW saddletank loco, and then show you the Colorado & Southern passenger cars and matching Mogul 2-6-0 locomotive in a splendid original livery.

Published by Piko America on 27 April 2017 

  MTH Electric Trains

One American model train supplier that may not be immediately familiar to you is MTH Electric Trains, a privately company founded in 1980 and based in Columbia, Maryland (formerly known as Mike's Train House – hence the initials). According to Wikipedia the company appear to have had something of a chequered history involving disputes with Lionel and Quantum, amongst others, but still remain a major player within the industry under a variety of brand names including RailKing Gauge 1.

They publish separate product catalogues covering American and European 1:32 scale trains which can be downloaded free direct from their website. Click links below to take you straight to their site.

European Brochure (English, German or French versions)

USA Brochure

This video (courtesy of Trainworld) features Ron Gibson from LGB exhibits some of the latest offerings from this well-known supplier. Clearly these particular products are aimed at the USA market but will still appeal to many modellers in the UK. 

LGB's product programme for 2016 shows no sign of slowing down and one of the most appealing items is this beautiful model of an Era VI German Street Car in the livery of the Nuernberger "Oeffentliche Verkehrsmittel".

The motorised car (#876) is driven by a powerful Buehler motor and
comes with an engineer while the passenger car has the number 2151.This item is a limited release and on allocation so if you would like one don't leave it to late.

LGB #23361 Trolley - Nuernberg Street Car - 2016 Toy Fair Exclusive (Special Order)

A very bubbly performance from Dr. Rene Wilfer (Owner Of Piko) who had  a special message for fans of PIKO G Scale around the world (especially customers of Trainworld in the USA) direct from the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair!   

The new PIKO G scale BR 132 ‘Ludmilla previewed at the show certainly looks a very impressive piece of kit and should be available by the end of March 2016.

Even if you do not model standard gauge one cannot fail to be impressed by the latest offering from USA supplier MTH.

LGB have announced a number of new releases for Autumn 2015 (including the limited edition SOEG Steam Locomotive, Road Number IVk 145 featured in the illustration on the right) and you can check these out at their corporate website using the following link: 

You can also download the complete brochure using this link.


Bachmann have just announced some much needed passenger cars for shipment in 2016. These are illustrations only. All feature metal wheels and track powered lighting.







Stock Car with Cattle 

 Bachmann have just released details of two new animated stock cars which feature four horses or cow heads peek back and forth through windows as the cars move around the track. A novelty item for sure.

Item No. 98701  D&RG™ with Horses
Item No. 98702  CB&Q with Cattle

Piko never seem to stop introducing new products to their G Scale range and the Denver & Rio Grande High Sided Gondola is a very useful wagon for anyone who models this period. 


 Yet another livery for the popular Piko Taurus Electric Locomotive. This one comes in black and features TX Logistik logo.


Piko G Scale 

White Pass & Yukon Route Stake Wagon with Log Load


 Piko G Scale Pennslyvania Railroad Camelback 2-6-0 Steam Loco (Sound)



(JULY 2015)

These two colourful Reefers feature detailed prototypical graphics and metal wheels.

Item No. 93265  Berkshire Brewing Company - Golden Spike

Item No. 93266  Dairymen's League 


37211 Steam Locomotive BR 64, DR IV

 37220 Steam Locomotive with Tender BR 24, DB III

For those of you interested in the North American Railroad scene this is a video presented by Jonathan Meador (Sales Manager) at the Big Train Show 2015 giving a run-down on the new items being released on the USA market by PIKO-AMERICA . These days PIKO are making a huge effort to establish their presence in the USA for sound business reasons. I just hope it is not achieved at the expense of the UK market when it comes to product availability.


Prehm have released an exclusive range of four half-relief buildings suitable for Large Scale (1:22.5, 1:20.3,1:24) . The finished models are realistically weathered and made of weather-resistant plastic for indoor or outdoor use. They are hollow and can be illuminated for night-time scenes.

They are all available separatelyat £80 each but Glendale Junction are currently offering three sets of all 4 relief buildings ( item numbers 550001,550002,550003, and 550004) for a special price of £296 (10% discount).

At their recent annual conference for the world's model press the German firm of PIKO revealed yet another European Steam Locomotive with Tender due for release in the first quarter of 2015. This time they announced a most impressive model pf a DB BR24 and maintains the company's strong commitment to introducing new designs at regular intervals.

POLA have announced several new G Scale products for delivery during 2015.

New Product Brochure Download (Clck Here)

Guarda Station 330899

Water Tower  331706 

Hen House   331723 

Relief House Boutique  331775 

General Store  331781 

Opel Blitz with tarpaulin  331865

Limited Edition 

Opel Blitz Cattle Carrier 331866

Limited Edition 

Pigs  331895 

5 Hens and 2 Geese  331896


Letter Box & Post  333217

Water Hydrants  333218 

Grandfather Station Clock  333219 

Wall Clock   333220 

 Piko are quick off the mark with the release of their new G Scale Catalogue Flyer for 2015. Many new items including some rather attractive USA Flat Cars with Log Loads and High-sided Gondolas.

There is also a US style Work Caboose available in several liveries and an extended range of "built-up" buildings.


Readers may remember that in 2013 Gartenbahn Profi published a superb compendium of pictures representing every locomotive produced by the firm of LGB from 1968 to June 2013.

This ambitious project has continued and the same team have now published a 32 page update to cover allsubsequent releases by this well known company in the period from the summer of 2013 until the summer of 2014.

The update comes with a free calendar for 2015 with photos of unique locomotives like handmade and prototypes.

  • ISBN 978-88-97336-25-9

23/10/2014 Roll Out: PIKO Garden Railway Diesel V 36 # 37530 Another release G Scale release from PIKO Germany who are now the third largest model train supplier in the market and still expanding at an impressive rate. On 23rd October2014 the roll out the latest PIKO garden railway diesel locomotive V36 Sonneberg took place at the headquarters of PIKO. This model of the diesel V36, like all PIKO garden railway products made entirely in Sonneberg, is being currently being delivered October to the trade and should be available I the shops. The small diesel is an extremely versatile locomotive that an equally good figure before short passenger and freight trains as a suitable partner in the series 64, with her on many branch lines of the DB handled the entire train and shunting together. A number of freight and passenger cars from the extensive range PIKO offer themselves as suitable models for interesting train formations. Through the use of special plastics, the model, like all other PIKO garden railway products is weatherproof and can therefore be used outdoors. The locomotive is prepared for digital operation and can be easily retrofitted with the PIKO sound module, # 36224 and provides the garden railway friend so even more fun and model railroad feeling.

The unusual Camelback from Piko has been released soon. These are two shots of the production model.



Not really a new item but any excuse to feature this superb Roundhouse Engineering model of the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes #24 2-6-2 locomotive. This is a live steamer and is featured on the latest Pine Tree Junction video (see it here)


Piko have recently announced a host of new G Scale product introductions scheduled for 2014. The highlights include:

 Piko 38240  RDG Camelback Steam                        Locomotive (DCC-Sound & Smoke)

Piko 38217 - G Scale
Santa Fe Mogul Steam Locomotive (DCC-Sound & Smoke)

Piko 38603 - G Scale)
D&RGW Wood Baggage Car


Piko 38202 - G Scale

D&RGW 0-6-0T Saddle Tank Locomotive



Piko 38203 - G Scale PRR 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive


Piko 38602 - G Scale
D&RGW Wood Drovers Caboose



Several manufacturers have recently announced new product introductions for the coming year. Click on the relevant supplier text (in orange) below and wait for the PDF download for full details:

        LGB                   PIKO                        TRAINLINE45  




While much has been published by  about the world of LGB (including the German Compendium last year) there has never been a book containing photos of every single locomotive produced from 1968 until 2013 and featured in the official LGB catalogues. 

This is a large format publication (300 mm x 240 mm) with 554 pages of high quality HD (High Definition) full colour pictures illustrating the history of LGB locomotives spanning 45 years.

The authors, Aldo Farneti and Paolo Zanin, have created this unique record over several years, and it is a must for any LGB enthusiast. 

Over five years, author and photographer have travelled throughout Europe and the United States of America to track down LGB locomotive models at dealers and collectors and photograph in a uniform manner. 

This is the  ISBN 978-88-97336-19-

Publisher: Gartenbahn Profi

Weight 3,5 Kg



The PIKO G-Scale model represents a Class 64 as operated by the former Deutsche Bundesbahn of Western Germany. It stands out with its fine detail and perfect size.  Neither too big nor too small, the G-Scale “Bubikopf” will pull a wide range of cars on any garden railroad. The compact, sturdy model comes equipped with a smoke generator and an operating mode selector switch. In prototypical fashion the model’s smoke box door can be opened. Precisely manufactured wheelsets with stainless steel rims ensure very reliable power pickup. This model has hard-chrome plated wheel tires and ball bearings on the geared axle. The model also has directional lighting and is prepared for DCC and sound. 

An engineer figure completes the cab.


The German BR 64 (Class 64) was reliable, popular and ubiquitous. Since entering service in 1928 it proved itself as a light and - with its 56mph top speed - nimble passenger service locomotive. It was stabled at almost every German locomotive depot for the pre-WWII Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft as well as the Deutsche Bundesbahn in Western Germany and the Deutsche Reichsbahn in Eastern Germany. Nicknamed “Bubikopf” for its appearance, the Class 64 soon became synonymous with branchline service in Germany. Hauling passenger and freight as well as mixed trains through hot summers in the flatlands and deep snow in wintry Upper  Bavaria, the successful standard design always performed reliably. It was only in 1974/75 that DB and DR finally retired the last of the 950hp-rated Class 64s.  

 On 22.10.2013 the roll out of the latest PIKO garden railway 2-6-2 steam locomotive BR 64 took place in Ebermannstadt, in the beautiful scenery of the "Franconian Switzerland" With beautiful weather, the numerous guests as part of a special train from Ebermannstadt to Behringersmühle were able to see the prototypical implementation of the PIKO model. The special train was pulled by a steam locomotive BR 64 491, the very same PIKO selected for its corresponding G scale model. This video is of the event itself supplemented by footage of the actual prototype itself.

With the model of steam locomotive BR 64 the 9th completely new loco type appears for g scale since the entry into this segment of the market 7 years ago. It is expected to be released shortly at a price of around £420.

Piko have announced a number of new product introductions for 2013 and many of them are now available. In addition to the impressive Trans-European Express (TEE) and the 0-6-0 and 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Locomotives with Digital Sound feature there are also Denver & Rio Grande Western Wooden  Passenger Coaches which could prove attractive to those who regret the demise of the Bachmann Jackson-Sharp Passenger Cars. Click on the thumbprint images below to see enlarged pictures and brief description of some of these new models.




Aristo-craft have announced a new website ( covering their high quality CREST electronics products as they will soon be 

producing more product for more gauges than G.




The following article, courtesy of Insider, reveals some interesting insights into the developments pursued by Aristo-craft in the field 

of locomotive wheels …


“When we started in the G Gauge business in 1988, LGB (now, a division of Marklin Inc.) had 99% of the G gauge market. We followed their standards 

for most of their time in business.


When they went out of business (Editors Note: Not strictly true as they went into receivership and re-emerged as part of Marklin as acknowledged 

above), we started to develop our own wheels and mostly followed the NMRA standards.


We also stopped using chrome wheels for our locomotives as the spark that brought the power up from the track caused a quick degradation of the 

chrome plating. Frankly, we could not find a similar quality plating in China and decided to change to a fully black material.


This black material was more realistic, and as the colour went all the way through, there was no plating to wear through. As long as we were changing 

things, we also decided to make all of our wheels uniform in the depth of the flange and the radius of the flange. At the same time, we decided to make 

all of the locomotive wheels using a D-Cut method of attachment to the axle of the locos. While our tapered axle worked well too, we found the simplification 

and constancy of the wheels to be easier for the manufacturing staff to understand and connect each wheel in a similar conforming fashion.


We use a tenth of an inch for a flange depth and a tested radius for the wheels. We have had many reports that these wheels are working well with 

most vendors switches as well as our own. The blackened wheels provide a good current pass through and they stay new looking for the life of the 



This project required all new wheels for every loco we make and as each new run of locomotive is put into production they will have a new wheels set. 

It’s time consuming and costly, but we have made the strategic decision to follow this path for all Aristo-Craft locomotive products."


(Editors Note: If only vendors such as Aristo-craft, USA Trains and Piko could supply metal wheels on their rolling stock rather than cheap plastic 

version I believe such a move would be generally welcomed by the garden railway fraternity. Bachmann are able to supply such wheels on all 

their coaches and wagons and still manage to maintain a competitive pricing policy. What do you think?)


Read this article and lost more interesting news (including an article on Aristo-craft’s demise – or not) can be found. Download your copy here:



PIKO US have announced a number of new products for release in 2013. 



Bachmann’s Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends™ Large Scale product line has proved extremely popular in the UK amongst enthusiasts all ages. You can now extend your locomotive roster with a completely brand new Bachmann G Scale "Emily (with moving eyes)" in striking green livery to join her friends Thomas the Tank, Percy the Small Engine, and James the Red Engine. 

This much anticipated addition to the Thomas & Friends G Scale range has now been released by Bachmann and is  available now (click link). It is bound to be popular and be in short supply so order your model as soon as possible. 

Emily the Stirling Engine is a fictional steam locomotive from the television series Thomas & Friends. She was the first female steam engine to be featured in the television series, and is the sole female locomotive character in the series.  She is painted dark green, and has large driving wheels and a shiny brass safety valve cover.


Emily is actually based on a Stirling 4-2-2 of the British Great Northern Railway. The Great Northern Railway (GNR) No. 1 class Stirling Single is a class of steam locomotive designed for express passenger work. Designed by Patrick Stirling, they are characterised by a single pair of large driving wheels which led to the nickname "eight-footer".

Originally the locomotive was designed to carry up to 26 passenger carriages at an average speed of 47 miles per hour and these locomotives were used on high-speed express services from York to London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Great Northern Railway used a dark emerald green livery on their locomotives similar to that carried by Emily.




In a surprise move (at least to me!) and after many years of allegiance to their own proprietary steel alloy track Bachmann USA have released new G Scale 45mm (1.77 inches) Gauge Brass Track made in China . The geometry appears to be based on on popular existing brands such as LGB, Aristo-craft and USA Trains and whilst clearly based on North American Narrow Gauge track, should be compatible with most Code 332 track systems.


Initial releases include:

One-foot straight - 12 pack                   Cat.No. 94651A

Three-foot straight - 12 pack                Cat.No. 94652A

Four-foot diameter curve -  12 pack     Cat.No. 94653A

Five-foot diameter curve - 12 pack       Cat.No. 94654A

Eight-foot diameter curve - 16 pack     Cat.No. 94655A      

The dark brown ties (sleepers) are ultra-violet protected against heat and sunshine. Spacing and dimensions seem to be  based on U.S. prototype Narrow Gauge operations at 11 ties per nominal straight section (12 inches or 30.5 cms) and the rails are solid brass complete with ready-inserted screws in the rail joiners similar to Aristo-craft.


This latest Bachmann upgrade after so many years of supplying only steel-alloy track is a major enhancement and to my mind seems to be part of a general movement towards greater accuracy to complement the company's 1:20.3 Spectrum offerings and move away from their historical "toy train" image. It would not surprise me if they announced new Passenger Cars in the more accurate 1:20.3 scale in the not too distant future.


Large Scale Logo

Roaring Out of the West…


Crossing the plains of the American West was a formidable task in the early days of the nation. Our ready-to-run Plainsman electric train set represents one of the early travellers of the West. It’s sure to please the pioneering spirit of the beginning Large Scale hobbyist or garden railroader.


Features include:

  • Union Pacific® 4-6-0 steam locomotives (with operating headlight, smoke, and speed synchronized sound)
  • coal tender
  • stock car
  • bobber caboose
  • 5'4" x 4'3" oval of track (14 pieces)
  • engineer and fireman figures
  • power pack with speed controller
  • illustrated instruction manual
  • illustrated “Bach-Man” instruction manual
  • DVD-format video instructions

Shipping now!  UK RRP £253.00

Item No. 90078 The Plainsman Ready-to-Run Train Set




The Moguls are back! It's good to see that Bachmann have re-introduced these popular steam locomotives. Modelled after a standard Baldwin steamer, these locomotives were used for a variety of applications throughout the first half of the 20th century. Ideal for indoor and outdoor railroads, the Industrial 2-6-0 Mogul returns to the Big Haulers™ line-up loaded with many finely detailed prototypical features.

Bachmann's 1:20.3 Baldwin Industrial 2-6-0 Mogul returns with new feature

s such as an improved lead truck for superior trucking and a polarity selection

switch for operation according to NMRA standards or Large Scale model

railroading practices. Moguls were hard workers used for mining and logging

throughout the first half of the 20th century. This smaller locomotive is perfect for

pulling our 1:20.3 scale 20′ flat cars, box cars, and ore cars. Put it to work on your

indoor or outdoor industrial railroad today!


Features include:

• updated lead truck

• polarity switch for operation according to NMRA standards or Large Scale model railroading practices

• smoke and speed-synchronized sound

• operating front and rear LED lights

• die-cast locomotive chassis, side rods, and valve guides

• metal handrail, grab iron details, and smoke box supports

• metal wheels

• detailed builder’s plate

all-wheel tender pick-up

• precision can motor

• separate piping detail

• detailed cab interior with working firebox door