As is the custom PIKO's CEO Dr. Rene Wilfer made a number of new product announcements at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018.

There are several G Gauge items covered in this video which I have not edited as I know that some model railway enthusiasts model in more than one scale. 

The presentation is aimed at the North American market but I have so far been unable to locate a version for UK / European fans.
Piko have introduced some really neat Rail Clamps. There are two types. The on-rail clamp is designed to replace a conventional brass rail joiner or fish-plate (Part No. 35293)  and an over rail version (Part No. 35294) which clamps over an existing joiner. They seem to be well engineered and are smaller and less obtrusive than most of their competitors clamps. These new accessories are sure to prove popular. Both versions are supplied in packs of 10 pieces.
Piko Germany have a full line of new products scheduled for introduction during 2015. This video, courtesy of Trainworld USA, showcases some of the items aimed at US railroad enthusiasts.

Thomas enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Toby the Tram Engine has arrived in the UK and can be added to your roster.

This video (courtesy of Garden Trains) examines the locomotive in detail including a look inside at the very neat motor drive assembly. 


These instructional videos have been released by Bachmann Industries to promote a better understanding of their G Scale product range. The model covered is shown in the banner headline:



I have just come across the three videos above which cover the dismantling, re-painting and reassembly of the ubiquitous Bachmann G Scale Jackson Sharp Passenger Cars by Rail Candy in the USA and thought they might be of wider interest. He runs the Plattsburgh & Poverty Railroad and you can see more of his helpful practical advice on YouTube. I am not sure where you would get the Super Clean Degreaser in the UK but I am sure "other makes are available" that do the job just as well. I think it might be wise to use plastic gloves when using any acidic substance as you never really know what it might consist of.

 The excellent series of videos featured below are produced by Garden Trains (a.n.a. Large Scale Online or LSOL for short) and cover a variety of products (mainly Bachmann in origin) which are readily available to the UK market (not least through G Scale Online).