This section of the website will feature a number of garden railroads (and even some indoor ones) to be found in the USA.  Some of them are far larger than many of us would seek to build in the UK but are always a source of inspiration. I will endeavour to change them every now and again to bring you the best videos and features.

I have only recently discovered this video posted by  Don Rogers on YouTube in 2014 . It features the Colorado & Hamburg G Gauge Model Railroad  (not to be confused with the World's largest Railway in Hamburg, Germany). Once again the location of this 2500 square foot layout is a little obscure so if anyone can identify the origin please let me know.

There is something of a mystery surrounding the actual name and location of this awesome railroad but it may be Scottsdale, Arizona so I am adding both Parts 1 & 2 to the USA video collection.  The trestles are very impressive. You may need to alter the format of the viewing screen to see the line as intended.

An impressive outdoor layout featuring the latest Eureka & Palisade#4 American 4-4-0 Durango & Silverton Denver & Rio Grande Western Steam Locomotive set in a very natural location.

The Fern Creek and Western Railroad is based in Santa Cruz, California and is the creation of Trevor Park The line features Logging, mining and short line freight and passenger operations in a mix of 1:22.5 and 1;20.3 Scale.

This layout was shot in HD by the greater Vancouver Railroad Club.

The Backyard Mountain Division

This 1:29 Scale  Standard Gauge line has been constructed by Pete Barrington and is based on the MAINE CENTRAL in Crawford Notch, NH

 Mount Susitna Narrow Gauge Railroad "Early Efforts"

I have located the precursor to the later "Progress" video below featuring this layout and hope it will appeal to my readers.

Mount Susitna Narrow Gauge Railroad

I have added this slightly quirky G Scale layout as it just appealed to me. Filmed as long ago 1994 it features progress made on this interesting line which actually exists in Alaska near to Anchorage. I will try to locate the original video and add it in due course.

Great Outdoor Railways - Part 3

The next video visits a huge garden layout covering one third of an acre created by Roger Clarkson and his wife Faith. It contains several large loops (the outside one extends to the edges oft he plot) which allows for independent running of his roster at different speeds so that trains meet at divers points on the layout. 2500 feet of track are used altogether - a very impressive layout.
Great Outdoor Railways - Part 2

The second video in the series looks at Bob Uniack's "Cerro Grande & Pacific Railroad" in Hollywood, California. Unlike Dave Lowe's line this one operates with a more modern fleet of locomotives and relies on the natural landscape (suitably planted) to create the scene as opposed to using structures.
Great Outdoor Railways - Part 1

This video features the first in a series produced by Pentrex featuring outdoor railways in Southern California.

This G Scale garden layout was built by Dean Lowe in Lavern, 26 miles east of Los Angeles and represents the famous Durango & Silverton Railroad in Colorado.  Begun
over 30 years ago, this Garden Railway is one of the oldest and large layouts in the world. A true masterpiece of ten scale miles in 1 Gauge track.

Published on 1 Aug 2015

This video features what is said to be the largest indoor G Scale layout in the world. It is certainly one of the most massive model railroad layouts I've ever seen. EnterTRAINment Junction is 25,000 Sq. Ft. of model railroad with more than two actual miles of track, (equivalent to about 58 real miles) and over 90 computerize trains in operation at the same time! The environment has two huge cities and they switch between day and night. All of the structures are hand crafted to the best accuracy possible. If you're ever in the Cincinnati, Ohio area a day spent at EnterTRAINment Junction would seem well worth it.

For more information visit their web site at:
Or check out their Facebook page:

I have felt obliged to change the heading of this section so that I can include these two great videos from Canada. This wonderful g-scale garden railway layout has been previously featured in the German Magazine "Gartenbahn Profi' over two issues a few years ago. The first video from 2012 features the line as it was at the time and the latest update from 2013 features the new Brusio Loop modelled on the famous spiral in Switzerland.

 Published on 19 Jul 2015

Dennis Cipcich shares his awesome G Scale / Gauge Model Railroad train layout he calls “The Blue Stone Ridge Railroad”.

Dennis started the idea of the layout in 2006. This large private layout includes a beautiful garden, waterfalls, and a Koi fish pond!

Not strictly a garden railroad but a splendid example of an indoor dual gauge G Scale railroad built to 1:22 .5 by Barry Boggs. The layout represents the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad in its heyday and certainly captures the essence of the working railroad. A large layout with plenty of detail unaffected by the elements.

I really like this railroad. The  scenes fetured are from the 2011 and 2012 Battery Powered Steam-up at Marty Cozad's North Table Creek Garden Railroad in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

This impressive video of the superb Bachmann C-19 locomotive in Denver & Rio Grande "Bumble Bee" yellow livery (Cat.No. 83195) makes pulling this consist of loaded White Pass Hoppers look well within its capabilities.


For those of you who have not yet seen the latest Lone Ranger film (and even if you have) this behind the scenes footage gives an insight into building a real railway from scratch. For the production of the movie, director Gore Verbinski had a five mile oval track built along with multiple steam engines and passenger cars. See the incredible effort that went into crafting such a detailed and important part of The Lone Ranger (and one of the reasons for its huge budget).

Yet another Big Boy!  G Scale running at the Bill Welch home in La Luz, New Mexico. Do you think we will ever see this weather in the UK again?

I have included this excellent video in the USA section although this representation of the famous Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad was actually constructed in Germany by enthusiast Jens Handro.

The video captures events on the 20 May 2012 during wonderful weather and many guests and onlookers. From Big Boy up to 3 K27's in one!  Also featured are guest locomotives and rolling stock, accidents, and much more! 


I may have featured this great layout on these pages previously but I need no excuse for highlighting Sundance Central once again. There are many excellent railroads but you are unlikely to have seen such an amazing indoor Large Scale Railroad on display.

An impressive modular layout created by 8 enthusiasts in the Tampa area with some great detailing. Several people came together with a common goal to build a museum quality large scale layout for the public to enjoy. And now through the skills of and the power of YouTube you do not have to travel thousands of miles to see it. Brian, Dale, Dave, Frank, Jim, Jon, Keith and Richard have made it all happen. .

They say it is still a work in progress with only 60% done but still a fantastic model.

Not strictly a garden layout but how about this indoor railroad but how about this railroad for inspiration. Claimed to be the World's Greatest (at least by the owner Doug Wead - although there are many other contenders around the world) Doug has certainly created a beautiful village scene in a night time setting on his indoor layout using mainly LGB trains and Pola Building Kits. Additional atmosphere is created by a fog machine.

 First steam trial of a 3/4-inch scale Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy live steam locomotive after a 30-year hiatus. Some loco!

This video courtesy of YouTube features a very atmospheric narrow gauge railroad called the LaPine and Mountain Garden Railroad. If you haven't got your own garden layout you can simply watch the trains go by on this lovely picturesque line.

This "Colorado Southern Railroad" is a steam layout set in the 1930's and built for operation with over 60 turnouts (points). The line is single track requiring 5 passing sidings so trains traveling in opposite directions can pass each other.

The rocky mountain landscape, forest, lake and a 50 foot long white river and waterfall are well worth seeing.  

Bob Uniack's delightful Sierra Grande & Pacific Railroad 15 years in the making in a rural setting and logging operations. The line originally featured mainly Aristo-craft 1:29 Scale components but now Bob has switched to 1:20.3 Scale for greater realism and runs Bachmann Spectrum only. 

Watch all the way to the end of the video and see Bob's live steam shop where he made LARGE scale trains!

Garden Railways tour of Tom & Betty' Gaps "Lone Pine & Western Railroad" featuring their impressive battery powered line.  The entire railroad has been constructed employing a combined dog- bone and point-to-point layout.


This video on the right features a number of model railroads in the vicinity of Rose City, Oregon, USA which could be visited during their 2011 Summer Tour. It seems it rains in Rose City during the Summer months just like the UK!