The Nevada Northern Railroad is less well known than some of its counterparts but is reputed to be the most intact example of a vintage narrow gauge railroad as many of its original buildings and fixtures are preserved.

Built primarily to reach a major copper producing area in White Plain County, Nevada the railway was constructed in 1905 - 6 and extended northward about 140 miles from the town of Ely to make a connection with the Southern Pacific Railroad at Cobre.

The Nevada Northern suspended operations in 1983 when the low price of copper made it uneconomic to continue to mine and smelt the ore. In a series of donations from 1986 Kennecott, the line owner, transferred the entire Ore Line as well as the railroad's yard and repair facilities in East Ely to White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation, a non-profit organisation which now operates the property as the Nevada Northern Railway Museum which continues to operate a heritage railroad.

This video, courtesy of SteamTrainVideos.Com is called 'Winter Steam' for obvious reasons.


Published on 11 Oct 2013

Three hopper cars and a caboose form a picturesque freight train pulled by the Nevada Northern Railway Museum's 2-8-0 No. 93 during the Nevada Railroad Symposium in Ely on 21 September 2013. Accompanying music at the end of the video is "Grace Behind the Curtain" from the YouTube Audio Library. 

Courtesy of Airrailimages.